Lucie Wilde’s Magic Afternoon

DDFBusty.com “Lucie Wilde’s Magic Afternoon”

daypic300What a great way to start the week! Our star discovery Lucie Wilde and her amazing 32Fs return today and this time she entertains us in her delightful lingerie and heels, then pulls out a Magic Wand to make her pretty pie purr!

Of course our cameras capture Lucie from all the angles you want to see, from below and above and straight on, every way to best emphasize her stunning natural endowments!

The Czech honey relaxes on her colorful divan this afternoon as we ogle her cleavage, then she goes to work on her crotch even as she bares her big natural boobs and lifts them up for our close inspection!

Pressing her knobs together in a fantastic cleavage display, she then rubs the head of the wand against her nipples, between her knockers, and then down to her clit.

You’ll be able to imagine yourself sucking on those tasty chewy nubs and helping her to climax as the toy throbs Lucie’s clam to a satisfying release! Enjoy her Full HD video as this innocent looking yet sensuous busty pornstar lets our eyes feast on her lusciousness in yet another serving of big tits porn from the masters of erotica at DDF Productions!


The Outlaw Lucie Wilde

DDFBusty.com “The Outlaw Lucie Wilde”

lucie-wilde-the-outlaw-lucie-wildeHowdy pardners…we’re here to tell you about The Outlaw Lucie Wilde…run outta Titless Gulch, Arizona ‘cause all them schoolmarms and nose-in-the-air “fine” ladies didn’t want to have a filly as stacked as Lucie around to distract their menfolk from chores and church and posses and cow herding and such…

Yep, them harpies made Lucie an outlaw…drove her into the desert with nothing but the lacy boulder holder on her 32F wonder-whammies and the rest of her purty duds…now Lucie is all alone in her hiding place near an abandoned mine…all tasty-like but with no gentlemen callers to pay her bazooms the attention they deserve…but Lucie won’t fret, she’ll take care of herself until some brave stranger comes a-knockin’…

Yessir, Lucie may be solo on the lam but she’s got her weapon in the war against her fate…she ain’t gonna be sexshully frustrated none…not when she’s got a flesh-colored doohickey she done ordered by mail from some newfangled company down Chicago way…

So stop by, brothers, and show The Outlaw Lucie Wilde that you care, and that you’re gonna saddle up and find her…not to bring her back to Titless Gulch (‘cause who in tarnation would wanna go back THERE??) but to deliver her to a place I like to call “Satisfaction Junction”–if you get mah drift, gentlemen, and I’m damn sure you do!!


The Most Happy Place

Lucy and her college friend share an intimate session in this scene.

DDFBusty.com “The Most Happy Place”

daypic300Our incredible eighteen year old discovery from the Czech Republic, Lucie Wilde, returns and she’s got something throbbing and fleshy to put between those 32F bells! This time Lucie is planning a vacation with her College Friend Argo, but they quickly both get distracted by those sweater puppies.

Lucie feeds her cleavage to her pal, as well as her huge nipples. Then she gets down on her knees to do a little sucking, servicing his tool before standing up so Argo can undress her and lick her bottom and clam. All right at the School Office!

Wait till you see the great views of Lucie’s swinging sacks of sensuality as Argo takes her box from behind, doing her doggie style while she leans over a desk. Then Lucie sits down on his rod reverse cowgirl style and we watch her big naturals jiggle as she moves up and down on his meat.

She turns around and sticks her rack into his face and Argo gets to suck ‘em before Lucie gets back down on the floor so that she can return his inches to that most happy place between her soft warm hooters.

It doesn’t take long for Lucie to get a big squirt right all over her jugs as this Full HD video serving of big breast action comes to a sticky close!


Lucie Wilde is Awesome!

Lucie Wilde is back with another awesome shoot in sexy lingerie, playing with a dildo.

DDFBusty.com “Lucie Wilde is Awesome!”

daypic300Lucie Wilde fans, rejoice! Get ready to drool over the greatest appearance so far of this eighteen year old Czech bombshell! Green-eyed Lucie is outfitted in the prettiest black lacy lingerie that shows off her incredible 32F cleavage to perfection.

Whether she’s just standing near a wall, or leaning against a bed, Lucie’s magnificent torpedos are constantly kept close to our DDF lenses so you can make your own full and happy inspection of the terrain! After a bit of cleavage tease with her boulder-holder, Lucie peels down the bra so we can ogle her awesome objects in all their bare splendor.

Lucie heft her beauties and we can feel their weight against her slender girlish hands. She presses her fists into the firm yet yielding flesh.

Settling back on the bed, Lucie lets her lovelies pancake in this outstanding presentation of big naturals. With every move she makes, whether thrusting a toy into her pie or leaning over in the doggie position for a little sway-and-shake, she gives our eyes a thorough tour of those gorgeous glands. So don’t miss Lucie in her brand-new Full HD video and pics! She’s our Model of the Day.


Awesome Like Folklore

Happy St Patrick’s Day from Lucie Wilde!

DDFBusty.com “Awesome Like Folklore”

Leprechauns are a part of Irish folklore, little fairies in the form of old guys who usually have a secret cache of gold.

Well, this St. Patrick’s Day, we’re updating the fairy tale to make Lucie Wilde our official DDFBusty leprechaun–today we’d much rather daydream about well-endowed young Czech girls than miniature men!

Although she’s got little gold-wrapped candies stuffed in the bodice of her green velvet dress, the real gold is in those 32F bells that surely have inspired some folklore of their own since making their appearance on our site just a few short weeks ago.

Lucie hefts a glass of green beer and then she gets down to what we lads wanna see most: unveiling her cleavage in her formidable black boulder-holder, and then unsheathing that bosom in all its bare splendor in her Full HD video and nude pics.

Lucie poses above us, below us, and straight on, giving our gaze all the different angles we breast men like to see, displaying those magnificent big natural boobs /naturals in all their awesome pink erection-inspiring gorgeousness.

She runs her hands and arms under those jugs, sticks a vibrator between them, and stuffs her box with the toy, too–all making this a unique holiday celebration indeed!

boy girl

Those Wilde Wonders

Lucie Wilde and her boyfriend Argo share an intimate hardcore session with us. 18 year old Lucie ends up with her boyfriends’ cum all over her 100% natural 32F tits – Argo is a lucky man indeed!

DDFBusty.com “Those Wilde Wonders”

daypic300Yep, she’s back!

Lucie Wilde, who quickly skyrocketed to the top of many of your personal hit parades when she made her first solo appearances on our site, returns today in her first hardcore scene which we’re so excited about that we’re releasing it across the DDF Network to share with all our members.

A lucky young chap named Argo is the recipient of her alluring attentions, as Lucie wakes him up in the morning with a blowjob and balls licking.

Soon he’s got her sweet 32F teen knockers out of her boulder-holder, feeling her up while she continues to suck his shaft.

You are right there as Lucy kneels over his meat, sticking her pretty bottom upwards and then leaning over so that her bells swing back and forth while he takes her in doggie style.

Laying across the bed, Lucie gives us a great view of her rack underneath her innocent face as she takes tool from Argo in the spoon position, her soft sacks shifting downward toward the sheets.

Putting Lucie on her back, Argo lifts her crotch onto his cock and we get incredible views of those Wilde wonders as they shift and shake across her sweet torso.

A titty fuck clearly makes her happy as Lucie’s big natural boobs get creamed, and then she presents her sticky bosom to us in a huge closeup in this masterpiece of big tits porn!

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Let’s Dream about Lucie

Lucie Wilde gets her all natural 32F busty breasts soapy and wet in this shower scene.

DDFBusty.com “Let’s Dream about Lucie”

daypic300So, gentlemen, did we whet your appetite last week or what?

Here today is even more of sensational newcomer Lucie Wilde and her phenomenal endowment!

This time the eighteen-year-old Czech beauty with the shy, sensitive face right out of a classic painting is in the bathroom, giving us a peek at her deep cleavage in her white terrycloth robe, before dropping the garment to reveal her mouthwatering 32F rack in all its sweet lusciousness!

Lucy presses her hands against her globes, pushes them upward with her arms, and stands with her hands on her hips showcasing her paps in all their revealed glory.

Lucy also has very sexy hips and a cute butt, which she shows us in the shower; then the DDF cameras come in tight as she washes her knockers until they shine with the sheen of soap and water.

Come in close and imagine your face nuzzled between Lucie’s lulus; watch her press her fists into her bells so you can almost feel the warm flesh yourself; and then enjoy her gentle expression as she dries off and wraps that bosom in a white towel.

Yep, you’re gonna be dreamin’ about Lucie Wilde and her beauts thanks to her Full HD video and nude pics!

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Extra Special Treat

Welcome newcomer Lucie Wilde to the world of busty modelling! Sweet 18 year old Lucie introduces herself in this DDF Busty casting set.

DDFBusty.com “Extra Special Treat”

We’ve got a super special treat for you today–so special that we’re going to bookend it with an encore scene of the same model next week!

Newcomer Lucy Wilde not only boasts an incredibly large pair of breasts, but also a sweet and sensitive face that will set off a whirlwind of fantasies in your brain and balls.

It’s almost as if she looks like someone who stepped out of a classic Renaissance painting–but with huge knockers!

In her busty casting session, Lucy peels out of her jeans to her black industrial strength bra and matching thong.

Once she’s barefoot and only in her scanties, we get some nice cleavage views but can’t wait for her to take off that boulder-holder to display those startlingly beauteous bells!

Looking a bit shy, yet friendly in her Full HD video, she holds her hands over her bosom as she watches our cameraman go down on his knees to shoot upward to capture the sweep and scope of her amazing offerings.

Then Lucy kneels on the bed so we can enjoy her slender body in the doggie position with those heavy hangers lightly rubbing against the sheets.

Here’s a girl with loads of potential, promising us many potential loads!

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